Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Ready for My Close Up

Carsyn, sweet baby girl, got up at 4:30 this morning. Suppose she was hungry. Because at 4:30 am, this momma can't imagine ANY OTHER REASON she would be awake. So we ate. We being her. I left her laying awake in her crib at about 5:15 and I went back to bed.
My alarm went off at 6. Thought I could hear Carsyn talking, but I needed 5 more minutes. Just 5 more minutes. Alarm went off again. Could still hear Carsyn. But it sounded funny. What's going on in that crib??? I look at the monitor by the bed. (yes, we have one of those fancy video ones. It was a gift. Yes, I registered for it, but only after a complete stranger at Babies-R-Us insisted my life wouldn't be the same without it). So, I looked at the monitor. What did I see??? Fingers, hands.
I walked into her room, camera in hand and this is what I found.
Who knows how she got that thing off the top of the crib or how long she'd been awake. But she was a very happy girl. Quite pleased with her new toy, I imagine.

PS The pears were a much bigger hit at daycare today. Thank goodness. She likes pears. And to scream at her momma. We're working on the second part.


  1. PapaT says this is a much better picture. That's the kind of picture that he likes. Me too.
    Carsyn you are just too smart to figure out how to get a hold of that monitor. I can tell that you are so proud of yourself. You go girl! Love ya.

  2. I just looked again at some of the pics from the first of the month. It is amazing how much she has learned in so short a time. It is blessing that we can watch her grow and change. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  3. Carsyn, I love this picture where you are smiling so big. You are so proud of yourself for what you have done. You are also proud that you let your Mommy sleep a little longer. Cute Cute Cute!! Such a smart little girl!

  4. Carsyn you are suck as silly girl. I can't wait to see you. Like the music Crystal.

  5. I want this pictures on my digital frame. Be sure to bring your camera.

  6. That is so funny. sometimes i wonder if Cason looks at the monitor and knows someone is watching him. I think Carsyn was just trying to entertain you!