Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bag Lady


Carsyn opened up my purse the other night. She thought she’d help momma clean it out. Without a doubt it needed it, but I’m not sure if she was the woman for the job.



  1. Carsyn, you looked at everything piece by piece as you took it out of Mom's purse. I know you were making sure which things to toss and which to throw away. Most of all I loved your little giggle at the end. PawPaw and I love you very very much Sweet Pea!!!

  2. Hey, Crystal, when I looked at the video I was linked to you utube site and got a sneek preview of your other videos. How awesome!

    Carsyn, you are adorable helping mommy clean out her purse. I got to show of some of your Christmas and birthday pictures to Debbie KJ and Jennifer Head. You were a hit! We had a great Super Bowl night. I hope that you did, too. Love ya.