Wednesday, February 17, 2010




Do you see it?  The big event of my week? Actually it was last week, but I noticed it this week. My 2004 Honda Accord rolled over the 100,000 mark. Tony and I bought this car a year into our marriage. It was time for my 1993 Mitsubishi mirage to be retired (retired by me that it is. We passed it on to my cousin in Edmond and rumor has it that the little red car still goes). I thought we should get a Hyundai.  A girl I worked with had one and I swear it looked like a Jaguar. Tony very nicely told me I was crazy and there was no way he would drive a Hyundai. Truth is we really know nothing about Hyundai’s. We’re totally judging them unfairly and if you own one, I’m sure it’s a fine vehicle.

Any way, I’m super glad we bought our Honda Accord. Even though my sister said it looked like a mom car. That’s ok I guess. 4 years later I became a mom. So now it fits.

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  1. You continue to crack me up! However, I guess we all remark about those big roll over miles. I think our big red van had 160,000 when we gave it up. Lots of good memories.