Thursday, February 4, 2010

Puffer Girl

So, I'm a bad parent. Carsyn doesn't have a coat. She's 1. She doesn't really play outside. She doesn't even really walk. She gets shuffled from one door to a warm car to another door. She's probably outside for all of 2 minutes a day. (I know that is also sad and another reason I'm a bad parent. But the reality of our lives is such that this is the case. The sun is almost down when we get home. we eat. bath. sleep.)
Any way, enough of that pity party. It was cold here in Texas yesterday. High of 40 something. So I was digging around in Carsyn's next year clothes and found this super cute puffer vest that Granny bought. It's 18-24 mo. Carsyn is 13. That's ok. Puffer vests are supposed to look big.
She loves it. It was roomy enough to still move around. That pretty much ranks up a the top of must haves in baby clothing. For babies any way. Cuteness is at the top of my list. She loves it. Well, maybe she just likes the hoodie. Are her fist clinched? Perhaps she isn't as crazy about the whole thing as I thought.
Thanks Granny! Love ya.


  1. Loving the staredown picture!! She does look cute in it. :)

  2. I'm glad that Carsyn is puffed now. It may be too little by fall after all. I love you, Carsyn. Your mommy really is doing a great job. Crystal, you are a great MOMMA!

    Love ya,

  3. Crystal, Carsyn really has not needed a coat. You have her covered with a blanket when outside. A little girl wearing a coat in a car seat is not a very good combination. You are doing a good job. I like her little puffer vest. It is really cute, or maybe Carsyn makes it cute. I really like this first picture of her except she is growing up so fast. I love yopu all!