Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saturday Night

My sister and her hubby came to town this weekend. It was a two fold purpose. 1. to get that baby crib that’s been sitting in my living room for a month. I know Rosa will appreciate it’s being gone. 2. To celebrate her birthday.P1030188

I just knew we had to go eat at the Reata. Jeff, her husband, is a meat snob. He likes to kill his own stuff and is rather persnickety about other people’s stuff. The buffalo steak did not disappoint. Score one for the in-laws.


Here is my sister. She’s now 30. She’s more than half way through her first pregnancy. Doesn’t she look great.  I on the other hand, look like I actually have a child that is running around this world and keeping me from sleeping. I’ve come now to believe that I was also suffering some effects of a stomach virus.


After the enormous meal at the Reata we walked about 10 feet to Four Day Weekend. LOVED it. Really fun. I recommend it. Think Drew Cary and Who’s Line Is It Anyway? (Disclosure: this is not a paid endorsement of Four Day Weekend. I am not receiving any compensation for this post)


The happy couple who will soon know no sleep like the next couple.



  1. Great post! Crystal, you,too, look great. I know that Misty and Jeff had a great time. Dad and I loved babysitting Carsyn.

    We love you!

  2. Crystal thanks for helping plan the birthday events. It was a lot of fun. Jeff and I had a great time!