Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I asked Carsyn is she wanted to go shopping! She was all about it. Very excited!


I don’t think it turned out like she thought.


  1. At least she seems pleasant while bored. I wish that I could kick back and prop my foot up to do my grocery shopping.

    I crack up over that little yelp and bark as she rushes to the window. Carsyn, you are such a funny girl. You bring big smiles to Granny and PapaT's faces. We love you!

    I know that you are looking forward to Aunt Misty and Uncle Jeff coming to visit. Have a great weekend!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Crystal and Tony.

  2. Carsyn, I understand how you feel. I've been shopping with your Momma. She is a bargin hunter and it can be exhausting. :)

  3. Hey Now! You both have benefited greatly by my good finds. Besides, we were only gone an hour.