Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to Church

Tony and I got to go back to church today for the first time since his knee surgeries. It was wonderful. We love our church! The chance to worship God with other believers is an encouragement and so refreshing.
God used the songs to speak to my soul. Just encouragement that God is stronger than our struggles and that He'll never let go of me. Between Tony's knee and my heart hurting because of working while Carsyn is changing daily without me, I've had my share of frustrations this year. Tony's knee is almost back to 100% but I'm still working full time. That hasn't gone away, but I can trust that God has a plan and I can have peace while I wait.
The sermon series is on LOVE. 1 Corn. 13 - it was a wonderful reminder for me to say out loud to Tony and Carsyn, I love you ... forever. I'm not going any where. My love for them should provide security, trust, confidence and hope.

Here is a picture of Carsyn in the nursery. She does so well in there. At least that is what they tell us ;-) One of our blogger friends stays in there with her. We'll have to ask Brittnay if she's really that good.


  1. She really is a wonderful baby. We love having her!

  2. I'm so glad that Carsyn enjoys the church nursery. It is a blessing to have wonderful Christian friends caring for our little ones. Thank you Crystal and Tony for taking Carsyn to church.