Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Team

***Sorry for the blog delays. My office has change the internet policy and I can't upload posts from there. Nuts!***

Saturday night we had Home Team with our Sunday School class. A few couples get together once a month for 6 months to get to know one another outside of church. We are a team and we meet in homes. Get it? Great.

We met at the Franklin's beautiful home with their pool. The Langley's brought their 4 week old son, Jack. He's going to be Carsyn's buddy in the nursery. He was so cute and has a TON of hair!

Carsyn loves the pool. She played so hard that she needed a nap!


  1. Looks like Carsyn was keeping her eye on Daddy across the pool. I'm glad she's enjoying the water. I wish I could take her to the water park with me.

  2. Oh I cried half way through the writing and then laughed through the video and pictures. Your words will be so cherished when she is old enough to read them. Of course if she is as smart as you, that will be very soon.