Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Activities

Carsyn and I (I use the term 'and I' loosely) got up about 7 this morning. "We" were hungry. Then we played and napped. Around 11 we went for a walk. We went down by the pond and walked about 1/4 mile. It was really hot so we headed back to the house and took a bath!

After our bath, Carsyn got very sleepy. I laid her down in her own room in her very own bed. It was a successful experience. She slept. It was her 'normal' nap time. I'm pretty sure Carsyn's babysitter, Ms. Brandy, feels bad for me and Tony. I can't count the number of mornings we've stumbled into her living room explaining how our baby girl didn't sleep. So, she has taken it upon herself to get that baby on a schedule. It's about time someone did. Now Carsyn takes one big girl nap around noon, give or take an hour, and is up by 3. It's really working. This week anyway. We're just going to roll with it and hope it works this next week too!

I got to use that fancy video monitor. I love that thing. I can watch her breathing without getting too close. She has fantastic mommy radar.

She appears very happy about the whole thing. Look at the big grin.

Tony came home while she was still napping. He played golf...shot a 67! While that is exciting, the most exciting part is...mommy go to leave and get a mani pedi!! Hip Hip Hooray! Carsyn played while I was gone.Daddy had a great idea of taking the whole family for take a walk to the pond. I got Carsyn and Tony got the dogs.

Carsyn has her baby blues and Mommy has hazel. She looks a lot like me, but has her daddy's eyes.

Wow! 9 pictures. We were very busy. You're always welcome to come join us. Don't set your expectations too high though. I realize I've embellished and glamorized our Saturday. It was really ordinary.


  1. Carsyn hair looks red in the pictures of her sleeping. ? ?

  2. Looks like a fun day to me!