Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Full Saturday

Saturday morning I got to hang out with girls from church while we 'showered' Julie with baby gifts. She and Jay are expecting their first baby in the beginning of July. They are interviewing with Carsyn's babysitter (I don't want to jump to conclusion or add undue pressure, but...) Wouldn't it be cool if Lincoln and Carsyn got to play together every day!!
Carsyn stayed home with dad and I got some much needed girl time! Eating baby sandwiches and drinking punch!

Julie is on the right. Doesn't she look great! So does Melanie, skinny mini.

Look at all that loot!
After the baby shower, rushed home to feed Carsyn and then got loaded up in the Tahoe to head north to my cousin's graduation.

Here is Aunt Barby waiting in anticpation for the big moment.

Finally here is teh big moment. What are the odds that I'd snap my pics at the EXACT same second the pros snapped theirs. nuts!

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