Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bad Bad Bear

What are you to do when your lovely bear misbehaves? The first thought is to put him to bed, but then you realize that is the easy way out. You’re the parent and must instill discipline for fear that your child will run wild at church and everyone will judge you.

Being the parent is hard.

What’s the solution? Time OUT!


Thursday morning I was putting Carsyn’s shoes and socks on in the living room. I was in a hurry as usual, but she spotted her bear. “bare. bare.” I let her get up and she scooped up her bear and walked passed me and said “bare. nite-nite.” Holy smokes. I don’t have time for her to walk all the way down the hall to the front of the house and put that bear to bed. She stopped half way by her little red chair. I asked, “Does your bear need to go to time out?”

Apparently that triggered a memory and why yes, this bear needs a time out.  Carsyn calmly talked to her bear, turn her chair around to face the wall and then placed her bear on the very edge of the chair. Carefully putting his nose against the wall.  Said a few more words and then walked away.


I’m so thankful she didn’t yell or scream or heaven forbid hit that little bear. Got a little up close and personal look at how she views time out.


Being the parent is hard.

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  1. Good Job Carsyn. Don't cut that bear any slack. He has to learn sometime. ;)