Sunday, October 10, 2010


P1040916Hooray our friends are in town! Julie and Jay brought Carsyn’s old buddy Lincoln to visit. They stayed at Mike and Catherine’s house and we went over for supper Saturday night. Lincoln and Carsyn both stayed at Ms. Brandy’s house for a while. I’m so glad to see he is walking; considering I’m certain my child hit him in the head multiple times.


P1040910 Oh how I love a tunnel. And a big blue ball. Catherine was so sweet to cook roast and invite me over. i didn’t have to bring anything.


P1040911 Cason was so sweet to share is toys. We did bring a few of our own though.


P1040915 Julie took this picture for me. It perfectly shows the craziness of playdates. Catherine is showing Carsyn a ball. Carsyn is showing Catherine her tummy. Cason is cheesing it up on his way back into the tunnel. Linc is standing on his hands and feet.


P1040918 Here are a few things Carsyn shared. Her shoes. Silver ballet flats. They matched perfectly with Cason’s blue shirt and grey shorts. I love the juxtaposition of casual surfer and stylish dancer.



Here is Lincoln playing with Carsyn’s pink phone. Glad Linc isn’t too cool to play with pink. He is wearing an Aggie shirt, so clearly he’s not concerned about what people think.

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