Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Ties

Carsyn and I spend the weekend in Oklahoma. We had pumpkin patch plans. MamMaw hadn’t seen Carsyn in forever. Gage is growing. It was time for a visit.

P1050062Um bite. Um bit. PaPa T has some good ice. It’s soaked in pink lemonade and Carsyn couldn’t get enough.


P1040994 Great Aunt Vonnie and MamMaw hanging out with Misty and Gagers.


P1040996 Carsyn snuggling with Granny between Misty and MamMaw.


P1040997 I can’t even remember what the drama was all about. No wait. I remember. She had NO nap!


P1040999 Gage is thinking, ‘You weirdo. Stop all that crying.’


P1050045 Yummy. Food. Uniting the cousins.


P1050046 Carsyn thinks she owns the place. Walks around all sassy and entertaining the family.


P1050055 Granny is all excited because she’s certain Carsyn just called her Granny.


P1050058Gager is like ‘What Up”


P1050060 Carsyn is helping Granny open cans and cook in the kitchen. Granny loved it and Carsyn felt all big.

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