Sunday, October 24, 2010

Worst Pumpkin Patch Ever

OK. It’s not really the pumpkin patch’s fault. It was the weather.

Quick Story.

Here is how it started.P1050018

Here is how it ended.


The plan was to go Friday morning to the pumpkin patch in Cyril. It’s a smaller, family owned patch. Perfect for our sweet babes.

But it come a thunder storm on Friday. I guess October showers bring November turkeys or something like that. Saturday morning we decided to try again. We examined the radar and decided it was going to be east of Cyril.

P1050019 We got to the farm an hour late. Darn that hour. We would have been ok had we been on time. Apparently this far is technically east of Cyril. Where the rain was. Nuts.

P1050021 Sweet baby girl was ready. She saw a cat and kept calling for it. Mow. Mow (rhymes with cow. not row.)

P1050023 Finally the pumpkins!!

P1050025 Hold this cute little one. She’s a little unsure. It was dirty.


OK. Starting to get a little windy. There are a few rain drops on my shirt.


Granny wants a cute pic too. Carsyn is a little distracted.

P1050032 Carsyn liked the sheep and goats. As long as they stayed far away. Still windy. More rain.

P1050033 Only picture of the babies together. Not exactly the crisp fall day I was looking for. Poor baby Gage. He was NOT happy.


This was the last straw. We took this picture, grabbed a pumpkin and high tailed it back to the car.

P1050040 Yup. That’s us looking good after a fun day at the pumpkin patch.


Carsyn was concerned about Gage. Momma got him a bottle ASAP!

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