Friday, October 15, 2010



Carsyn came home Thursday afternoon sick. I’m not exactly sure what the diagnosis is, but the symptoms are fever, weak baby, loss of appetite, sad eyes, scared daddy, worried momma. Nurse said it was probably a viral thing and she couldn’t offer any help. nice. What’s the answer? Grape slush from Sonic.

Here’s the deal. Carsyn only drinks milk and water. Sure she’s had other stuff, but I’m really ok with her liking just milk and water. We’ve tried apple juice and Pedialite when she’s been sick in the past, but she really doesn’t drink them. I went to Sonic thinking they had some kind of apple juice slush. nope. only stain creating slushes. She was wearing a white shirt. I settle on a grape slush. Swing for the fences.

Carsyn enjoyed her grape slush.  “Um Bite. Um Bite.”

Pros to sick baby: snuggling. Carsyn is a good snuggler, but as she’s entered her toddler time she is just busy. too busy to snuggle more than 5 seconds.

Cons to a sick baby: loss of sleep. I saw it coming. Carsyn had been waking up 2-3 times a night all week. She was extremely clingy with Brandy on Wednesday afternoon and Tony said she acted a little funny Thursday morning. He knew too. He called Brandy to check on her. She woke up from her nap with a 101 temperature. Praise the Lord for Tylenol and Motrin!

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