Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lake Quickie

Let’s just get it out of the way. We’re stupid. I know it. You’ll know it after this post.

Carsyn was sick Thursday and had to stay home Friday. She’s still not feeling better, but we needed to go to the lake. We needed to get our boat back up there. It’s been down here hanging out in a friend’s barn, but he needed his barn to make a batting cage for his daughter. She’s on a traveling fast pitch team and needs a college scholarship. Chain of events, I couldn’t be responsible for their first born not going to college.


P1040944So we loaded up Carsyn and the dogs and the boat and headed to the lake. 4 HOURS later. We arrived. OMG it was not fun. Carsyn was sick and just wanted to be held. Oh by the way. She had not eaten anything and didn’t even want her Sonic grape or orange slush.


P1040929 Each night she has about 1 hour of good normal play. After the Tylenol or Motrin kicks in. At this particular point she felt like everyone needed to be bare foot like her and her momma. Bare feet. I’m a fan.

P1040935 When she say Tony loading things up, she was ready to hit the road. She grabbed her bag and headed out.


P1040941 Carsyn really likes MawMaw and PawPaw’s golf cart. She climbed all over that thing and then made her daddy take her for a drive.

Because of baby girl being sick and the fact we couldn’t watch the OU game, we came home early. Never fear, the trip back was just as bad. But at least it was Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday night. Carl and Donna came down too. That was great. We were able to still hang out for the weekend. Thanks for coming!

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