Monday, March 29, 2010


Carsyn and I spend last weekend in Lawton for the beginning of March Madness.



Here is Carsyn and Toby. Hanging out on Sunday morning in their PJ’s. Just having a little chat. Toby is 2 months older than Carsyn. He is my cousin Katie’s little boy. They played great together!




P1030430 Welcome Stormie! This is Toby’s new little sister. She is precious and hardy made a peep all weekend. She cheered on her Jayhawks. She pooped out kind of like they did.


Carsyn sitting at Granny’s house. Sitting in a rocker by the fire place. She had her book and crossed her legs. So sweet. She worked really hard to get like that too. Carsyn spent all weekend doing the same thing. She’s put her book in the chair then climb in. While getting herself into the chair she’d have to knock the toy out of the seat. She’d wiggle herself into position and realize that her toy/book was now on the floor. Ah, nuts! Then she’d lean over and try to grab her book without getting out of the chair.

And why do I know all of this? I watched her do it over and over again all weekend.

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  1. What a great time! The whole time she was getting in and out she was learning the best way to do it. I was watching too. ;) Also, Crystal I think you need to get that girlie some more shirts than just black. Scroll down your blog and see what she is wearing. :) Can't wait to see you guys again!