Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Don’t Recommend It.


Here is the before picture. I don’t have an after.


So Carsyn pushed this box up to the carpet, she couldn’t quite get it over the hump. She decided to climb on board. I had a nice little post about ride ‘em cowgirl going on in my head. So I snapped this shot. Something distracted me and I didn’t get a pic from the front. Truth is, my rider probably got off and played with her kitchen for a bit. At some point she got back on and that bull was too tough. He threw her. It was horrible. She did not get up and dust herself off. She laid there for less than 8 seconds before her daddy scooped her up.

Bless her heart. She couldn’t pull it together. 10 minutes later she was still sitting in Tony’s lab with random little sobs coming out.

The result was a little knot and a little bruise on her forehead and a little broken heart. Thankfully everything heals. There is little evidence left.

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