Thursday, March 4, 2010

It’s Broke


Carsyn’s sippy cup comes apart. It’s bugs me. I’m sure there is a good hygienic reason for this. But when she throws it down from her high chair, it breaks.


P1030279 She thinks it’s funny when it breaks. It only encourages her to throw it down more.



P1030274  Problem happens when she gets down from her high chair. See, I’m a mean mom. Or maybe I just don’t like to play games. Either way, after she chunks that thing down on the floor, I don’t pick it up and give it back. So she often discovers it on the floor later. Then she tries to snap it back on.


P1030278 She spent about 5 minutes trying to get it back together before she decided it wasn’t worth it. This girl is persistent, but everyone has their limits.

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