Friday, March 5, 2010

What a Grand Visit

Or is it Great!?!?

A quick summary of our week. It’s close. I’m at work. Tony is in Baltimore for training. He left early Tuesday morning and got back Thursday afternoon.  My mom came down to help keep Carsyn.

Carsyn took a personal day on Thursday and my grandparents came over for a visit. Carsyn’s Great-Grandparents!


P1030321 Here is the happy trio, Granny is behind the camera.



Time Out for an Uniform Malfunction.  How sweet for PapPaw to help put that silly bow back in!



PapPaw helping Carsyn with yet another Uniform Malfunction.


P1030326Carsyn and MamMaw exchanging recipes.

Thanks for coming to visit!! So sorry I missed it.  We love you!

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