Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hair Raising!


I thought I’d try something new. The other two little girls at Carsyn’s daycare wear their hair up on top of their heads like this. It’s cute right? It took way more work than me just slipping a bow in. I’ll probably stick to her own unique style.


  1. Caarsyn, your hair is adorable pulled up with a bow. I feel your momma's pain. Doing little girl hair is tricky at best. See you in a few hours! Love ya.

  2. It's Pebble's. You are a cutie!!! Can't wait to play this weekend.

  3. I like it the way you have it in her teeth picture. It will be so much fun to play hair when it's down to her shoulders... at least i imagine that it will be. I'll have to come over and see if she will let me play with her hair since it's no bows for me.