Sunday, March 28, 2010


March Madness is a family tradition for almost a decade. P1030438My mom’s younger sister is married to Chuck Endicott. He started the tourney. Thus the Endicott March Madness title Almost 25 of us from my great grandma my younger cousin. We complete the brackets on and it keeps score. As many that can make it gather at my grandma’s house and watch all the games. And eat.

I was winning through the first few rounds. I’m in third now. I’ve won before. So has my mom and my grandma. One year my mom and my dad both won.

I also won the bracket pool in my building last year. I was also leading this years pool, but now I’m tied for 2nd.


I’ll share a few secrets with you for next year. 1. Always pick a 12-5 upset. 2. Don’t take all #1 rankings to the final four. 3. The rankings are just suggestions. Go with your gut. 4. Pick the team that sounds good. Like Brigham Young. Old Dominion. Gonzaga. 5. Don’t watch any games all year until your bracket is complete.

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